The Training Principle is your own private coach, focusing on simple and effective methods that have been tried and tested. You'll have exercise programs at your fingertips, when and where you want. Walk into a health club, park or home gym and have your daily workout available on your smartphone or tablet.

The 5 programs are designed around a unique system, each created to target distinctive goals: the basics (FOUNDATION), performance (PERFORM), lean muscle mass (GROWTH), fat loss (LEAN) and home workouts (HOME). Simply select the program that aligns with your goals and each day a new workout will be released. Click on the ‘Daily Workouts' tab and you’re one workout closer to unlocking your true potential.




Beginning or getting back into your fitness journey? This program focuses on building a solid framework of fitness, strength, balance, technique and aerobic capacity. When you're feeling confident and ready for an increased challenge, progress yourself to one of the other three programs that focuses on a more specific training goal.


Want to increase your overall performance? This program focuses on a broad approach to training by incorporating a range of fitness modalities to develop strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and co-ordination. This program is for you if you are someone striving for success, deliberate in what you want out of your sweat and occasional tears.



Lean muscle mass, strength and power; it's all in your hands, literally. This program is dedicated to molding, building, and developing your whole body. Watch as you out lift and out grow the 'old you'. This program is based on training principles that incorporates both compound and isolation exercises with varying repetitions, sets and rest periods.


Looking to tone your body? This program has one purpose, burn body fat whilst retaining your hard earned muscle. Incorporating elements of high intensity interval training (HIIT), steady state cardio and intense weighted circuits, this program is designed for people wanting to increase their heart rate, sweat and exercise with both determination and drive.



For those workout warriors with limited time and equipment. Take to the streets, park or home gym and have high intensity workouts ready at your fingertips. Travelling overseas? We've got you covered. With a pair of dumbbells and your able body, you'll jump, sprint and lift your way to an improved you. Who said HOME workout's can't be intense?